Why choose U&I Counselling?

• Professional, yet personal

Your counselling will be ‘tailor made’ for you. The ‘Integrative Approach’ offers expertise in many counselling models to suit the individual; supporting client need at different points of therapy. Every client is an individual and is treated with kindness, understanding and respect. We aim to ensure that people feel safe, supported and listened to. Our counsellors are all individual members of the BACP which means each adheres to the ethical and legal requirements membership of this organisation requires. We have individual professional insurance to cover our work. All counsellors have regular supervision as recommended by the BACP.

• Low Cost

This is a small voluntary counselling organisation that does not charge or ask its clients to reveal private information about their financial position for ‘sliding scale’ charges. A minimum voluntary donation of £3 per session is requested from all clients to help keep the service operational. Some can afford to give more and if this is the person’s choice; we gratefully accept. If anyone has difficulty making a donation after any session this donation can be waived.

• No Long waiting Lists

We are suffering difficult economic and stressful times and many feel under pressure or are struggling to cope. Waiting times for counselling through the NHS can be long and the cost of private counselling can be prohibitive so we feel this will be a welcome service at this time. At the moment we are able to see clients quickly.

• Convenient location and comfortable surroundings

Our town centre premises, opposite the main car park are easy to locate and the peaceful counselling room has a pleasant ambience conducive for comfort able reflection.

• A collaborative approach

This helps to deepen and enhance the understanding people have of themselves and the relationships they share. With increased self-awareness comes new insight, enabling people to meet life’s challenges, fulfil their potential and make more confident and informed decisions about how to live.

• Committed professionals

Our professional counsellors donate their time without payment. Funding has being sought from a variety of sources to support the service and in order to keep it accessible for all (see newsletter). Your donation will help to meet fixed costs not covered by our external funding.

• Easy to access and flexible to use

People can make direct contact to request the service concerning specific or multiple issues they want to share. Referral can be also be made via a doctor, any agency, school or organisation .We are able to offer partnership arrangements with schools and colleges, organisations, doctors’ surgeries and businesses. Please enquire for further details. Flexibility allows short or long term face to face work within a confidential safe space and with regular reviews of the work being done. The work is not time limited and each client will be able to discuss and agree with their counsellor readiness to leave the process.